I’m an avid reader, in nearly every genre – though my first loves will always be fantasy and paranormal. Characters, a great world, and a good plot are the things that will make me love (and conversely, possibly hate) a book.

Awesome characters will get me through nearly anything; A great world can save a boring plot and ‘meh’ characters, and a plot that I can’t parse out will keep me turning pages even when I dislike everything else.

I’ll fangirl all over about my favorite books and authors, and probably badger you to read them if you haven’t already (fair warning). I used to be a pretty easy going reader – if I didn’t like a book, I just didn’t like it and moved on. Lately, I think my pet peeves are getting more and more pronounced because I tend to rage over things I’d have just groaned about previously.

I’ll give nearly anything a chance, and hope for the best – and then there’s the times that my masochism gets the best of me and I decide to torture myself with something I’m sure I’ll hate. Occasionally I’ve been wrong (though not often).




That photo pretty much says it all. Give me a sunny day, a good book, and a bottle of wine, and I’m happy.

I’m an author by night (pen name Navessa Allen), an aeronautical engineer by day, and an unapologetic feminist always.

Because I’m a mood reader, I jump from genre to genre with almost no rhyme or reason. I also have a lot of literary pet peeves. Trigger too many of them in one sitting and I’ll likely rage-rant. But give me a book that breaks the mold and I will fangirl all over it. Hard.



Contrary to how I seem in my reviews and my profligate use of profanity, I’m actually a very nice, easygoing person. I’m totally chill. I am snarky, I am sarcastic at times, but I am never malicious. And to those who believe me unintelligent because of the way I sprinkle curse words all over my reviews: fuck you.

My day job is an analyst, and that part of me follows the way I read as well. I am a critical reader. I like to analyze, I like to examine all elements of a book. Characters, plot, relationships, settings. I disassemble a book when I review it. I almost never give 5s. 5s are reserved for my favorite books of all time.

I read YA, fantasy, historical romances, mysteries…pretty much anything that interests me. Character building and writing is key.



I am a UK reviewer that prefers Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime and Thriller but will consider other books if they appeal to me.